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Brooke and Theresa

New Orleans, LA

Only recently, at the age of 27 realized I am gay. I had feelings for a close girlfriend, that were not returned. So, after the pain of that had gone away I decided to look for someone online. This seemed like a less threatening, and more effective way of meeting a potential partner. I choose eHarmony because of success stories I had heard, and didn't plan on wasting any time in starting the rest of my life.

I had only intended on meeting people from my local area. The thought of anything long distance made me cringe. So I thought... One day I got my first set of questions from Theresa, New Orleans, LA. She was attractive, and came across as a fun loving, caring person. We hit it off right away, this was a connection like I had never experienced. We had many things in common, even our birthdays, which are only a day apart. Without even meeting her, I had a very good feeling about this match. We’d spend hours a day on the phone getting to know one another. I had to ask my friends if I was crazy. Could I really feel this much for someone I had yet to even meet?! She was the first (and as it turns out, only) person I ever met online.

Within a month she was flying up from LA to visit me in Baltimore, MD. She stayed for 4 days, which were all perfect, every single moment. By the second visit we knew we had both fallen in love. I never expected to meet the love of my life online. Theresa is anything I could've dreamed of and more. I was so attracted to her, this caring, fun loving, passionate, motivated, energetic person. I couldn’t help but be drawn to her.

We have now been together for 7 months. It’s clear everyday what had initially drawn me to her, but now I have much more to appreciate. She has a devoted, loving network of friends and family, many talents, and is a great person to share every minute of every day with. She was extremely supportive of me coming out to my family and friends. She is supportive of all I do really. I can never wait to share my day with her. We both work in healthcare and can relate to each other stories. Today we both had patients who passed away. It’s nice to have someone who understands where you’ve been when you come home. I am thankful for everyday she is in my life, because she makes me smile from a thousand miles away.

We just celebrated our first Christmas and New Years together! Since we have found one other, the best is yet to come. Theresa has just been accepted in a graduate nurse practitioner program. I have just learned of a transplant pharmacist opportunity, guess where?! In New Orleans. When it’s meant to be……it’s meant to be. Turns out this Baltimore girl needed a long distance relationship to finally feel close to someone.


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